Hi my name is Vicki and I am a photographer who once got their arm stuck in a down pipe with a 90 degree angle (yes I was bored). 


I guess that in a way tells you all you need to know about me but you'll probably want to know more so here it goes.

I am originally from a place called Cheadle Hulme (which means Wood Clearing according to Wikipedia), which is in Greater Manchester but if you ask my parents it's Cheshire. I moved to Oxford in 2012 and have been asked if I am at University and had my accent mocked ever since (no I didn't go to Oxford University and no glass does not have an r in it).

I guess I have always loved taking pictures but never really got into photography until I was forced to go to Cricket games and to make the time more interesting and go faster (they play for the whole blummin day!) I started taking pictures and found I had a talent for capturing the perfect moment whether it be the ball just hitting the bat for a six or the sadness on the batman's face as they see their wicket explode.

Then I followed my friend into music photography and took my camera settings off of auto and on to manual and actually had to learn what some of the settings on a camera do. Finally I learnt that capturing a true static moment that not only shows what was happening but also getting the feeling in as well was incredible and that this is what I am good at and should do.

Since then I have shot many festivals and events and even started a wedding photography business with my friend (check it out here if you are needing a wedding photographer or even just want to look at the pretty pictures V&H Photography).